Break time

Hello everyone

I’ve been emailing all of you so often since I started my extended leave at Dyeland that I forgot about this blog LJA set up for me. I only have 10 minutes on my break (I’m working at a grocery store, stocking shelves) so I’ll try to do a recap for those of you who aren’t on the Dyeland list but do read this blog.

I’m happy to report Lady Beth’s memory was fully restored. We’re all very grateful for that. I’m reluctant to report that those of us in Dyeland went through a difficult time during the early part of November. The good part is I learned how to handle upsetting assignments better. I guess I just saw myself in this last assignment too much. My eternal thanks to all the Dyelanders and friends that helped me through.

Another happy event is Adam and I are no longer the only angels regularly in Dyeland. Princess Yva’s guardian Nigel has taken up residence with us. He’s a great guy.

Unfortunately I need to get back to work now. I’ll do everything I can to keep in touch with my friends in Dyeland. I’m thinking of you all.

Your friend,


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  1. Lady Beth says:

    Yes, I am thankful my memory has been restored. Now I can do things like cook and throw mighty good snowballs. lol The events that happened last month were a learning experience for all of us, one that we won’t forget in the near future.

    You always know where to find me. I’m either at Kindred Spirits or at the cabin (on the occasion I need to get away) so never hesitate to find me when you need to talk.

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