Dear Father,

Sometimes it seems like the times I most need to write to You happen when I can’t find much time to.  Thank You for giving me this time right now.  And thank You for this afternoon with some of my friends.  It may not have turned out like we planned (at least I don’t *think* any of us planned to be interrupted by scam artists on the phone) but altogether I’d say we had a pretty great time.  I think it’ll do me a lot of good to spend a couple days in Dyeland.

As You know, I spent the week before last working an assignment with Eli at an assisted living home.  Thank You for letting us work together.  I felt like I was there not only for our assignments but for him, too.  I know there were many times he thought about Sophia.  So often I wanted him to go Home.  To see You and her.  But I understand why he didn’t.  We see people struggle with so much and they don’t get to go Home whenever they want.  So sometimes it doesn’t seem right to come Home during an assignment, even during our downtime.  It’s times like that I’m especially grateful to have Dyeland to go to.  There I feel part of the human world yet still surrounded by healing love.  And I know it’s the times like that when Eli went to visit Sophia but this time she was gone.

The worst was when we worked with the Alzheimer’s patients.  I could tell how much it made Eli remember those last few years.  I told him how much I admired him and the strength he showed.

And the whole time I kept wondering when I would have to find that strength myself.

But I know I have right now with them.  I’ll enjoy every minute and thank You for each and every day You  give us.



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