July in review

Dear Father,

It’s been a month since I wrote.  It’s a good thing I’m better at praying than writing!

You’ve sent me on quite a run of assignments!

There was Trina in Delaware.  I hope everything’s going OK for her.  I was concerned about all the stress she was under as the apartment super on top of her unresolved grief for her husband.  I hope I always remember the look on her face when You had me tell her that You felt every tear she cried and that she was never alone and that You love her.   Sometimes I think more than anything humans just want to know that someone feels for them.  Maybe humans aren’t the only ones.

Then on the 12th of July it was back to Dyeland and chasing fireflies.  0:-)  I don’t think I really thank You enough for those breaks.  You know, nothing restores one’s faith in and love for humanity like seeing them running around in the dark, shrieking and laughing, like the children we all really are.  It’s like I wrote Laja, all the memories of hatred and abuse fade for a while when I’m there with them.

Let’s see…  Then I left again on the 20th.  That was Harold in Missouri (stopped by to see Raquel, thanks for that opportunity),  Ayesha in Afghanistan, Simone in London, and three days as a cardiologist in Vermont.  I hope Dr. Carlen remembers that sometimes your first patient needs to be yourself.

July 24th- The Day I Accidentally Made Laja Think She Killed My Hair

Please don’t give me an assignment as a hair stylist.  You obviously didn’t give me that gift.  0;-)

I think I left on the 26th.  Or was it the 27th?  Either way, I hope I accomplished what you wanted me to with Dale.  I have a whole new respect for golf caddies.  They sure have to put up with a lot sometimes…

Back to Dyeland on the 31st.  August 1st was fun.  Weird but fun.  I’ll get to that soon.

Right now I think I’m going to take a walk on the beach and admire Your work.



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