Dear Father,

I’m still thinking about my last assignment.  I hope Trevor’s recovery is going well.  I also hope his parents learned something.  Pushing a kid too far can have tragic consequences.   This time their son survived and I hope there’s not a next time.

Now here I am in Oregon.  You sent me from the baseball field to the library.  Big switch.  0;-)  I’m having a better time here, I have to say.  Five year olds begging me to read about Clifford or the Very Hungry Caterpillar are a little easier to help than a high-schooler in self-destruction mode.  It does me good to see such happiness and kids so happy to learn.  Thanks for bringing me here.

Thank You also for promising me I’ll be back in Dyeland by Monday.  I’m looking forward to the dance and party on Tuesday night.   Nine years.  Thank You for each one.

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