Bakersfield, CA and a huge calculator

Dear Father,

Thank you for getting me back to Dyeland for tonight.  I would have hated to miss Rose’s party at the Cafe.  I don’t like missing any of the important events in their lives but birthdays seem especially bad to miss.  I hope she enjoys what I got her.  Both the serious gifts and the Jumbo Bejeweled AOD Age Determination Calculator.  I told her she could shorten the name as she saw fit.  0;-)

It’ll be nice to spend the night back in my own bed but I am anxious to get back to the shelter, too.   Bright and early tomorrow morning, right?  A family arrived this afternoon that I hope I can check in with at breakfast.  I know a lot of people there are depressed and frustrated but I sense more going on with the H—– family.  Please help me to know what I need to do and say to help them.

I think Lulu’s finished outside so I’m going to head back to the Cafe and spend some more time with everyone.  Thanks again, Father.



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