What a difference a day makes

Dear Father,

Thank you for answering my prayer.  I was so angry on Wednesday but by yesterday I felt it melting away.

First, Mr. H—– was taken into custody and the police assured us he won’t be coming back to the shelter.  As the days have gone by I knew something was terribly wrong with that family but whenever I tried to talk to Melody she shut me out.   I think when he hit Jason that was the last straw for her.  I still cringe when I think about how long she must have kept quiet about her own abuse but now she and her children are healing and surrounded by people who care for them.  I’ll never understand how people can hurt others, especially those they’re supposed to and even do love.  But I do understand compassion and friendship and Melody and the kids are surrounded by both now.

And so am I.  Yesterday Mick drove some of our friends here.  It was great.  We had lunch at what Laja deemed a “cutesy, retro diner” and then they all came to the shelter to help me put the donations away.  It lightened my mood a lot.  I’m feeling pretty amused by the idea that Eben’s big prank resulted in a fun lunch at a diner and donations to the homeless.  I love the way You work, Father.

Now, as You promised, I’m headed back to Dyeland for the weekend and grateful for that.  Monday I’ll return to the shelter feeling more relaxed, more grateful, and ready to help as many people as You send to us.



PS- I can’t wait to see  their faces when they see that photo Mandi created of me.  I think this is even better than emailing it to them.  Now I’ll see their expressions when they find out what I’d look like if I aspired to be Gene Simmonds!

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