Going home

Dear Father,

You know I’m not happy about what happened.  And I know You aren’t, either.  But I know, if they’ll let You, You’ll work great things into the lives of the H—– family even after this tragedy.

I don’t know what Robert was thinking.  I just keep remembering the look of… of disbelief and betrayal and fear on Melody’s face when he pointed that gun at her.  I wanted Robert to learn to control his anger, to make amends, and find peace.  I wanted him to really hear me when I told him how much You love him and his family.  But I’m glad that police officer was there and kept Robert from killing his wife.   I wish it could have ended without violence but I’m thankful she was spared and that Jason and Cera have their mother.  And You.

Since Francesca’s back from her vacation, my work here at the shelter is done.  Thanks for letting me head to Dyeland.  I think some time there will do me good.  It’ll be hard coming back here for the funeral but I know having some time with my friends before will help.

It’s hard to leave when everyone’s still grieving.  But I know You’re with them forever.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of their lives for these few weeks.



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