It’s all a very fun blur

Dear Father,

I am a terrible blogger.  0;-)

October is nearly over and I never did write about September.  I do know I had a great birthday party and then got to celebrate with Adam not too long after that.  Who can complain about two big parties in as many months?

Everything’s been really great with my assignments.  I’ve met some wonderful people so thank You for that.  I’ve also stayed in touch with some wonderful people.  It sounds like I’ll be doing more of that this weekend with the Renaissance Faire and then our Halloween party here in Dyeland.  It’ll be great to spend time with some of the Tunnel kids as well as my friends here.

We’ve made amazing progress at Catherine’s shelter.  She’s named it the Phoenix Inn.  We all love the name although I think we’ll miss all the time we’ve shared putting it together.  But I know we’ll have time to help her once she starts welcoming guests.  That’s only a week or two away, I hear.

This blog isn’t turning out like I thought it would but I’m very glad I can talk to You all the time, in all ways, Father.



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