Headed out

Dear Father,

Laja just left.  There’s something going on Below.  It’s not like Vincent or Jacob to call a meeting like this.  Please help them to face whatever this is.

Soon I’m going to the Cafe.  I’m looking forward to spending some time with the ladies before I leave.  They always put me in a good frame of mind to begin an assignment!  So You won’t tell me where I’m headed?  It’s OK.  I trust You.

Thank You for letting me go to KC with them and spend Halloween here.  It was great!  OK, maybe not the dungeon part but everything else was.  I loved spending time not just with my friends but also the Tunnel kids.  We all had a great time and it meant a lot to spend time all together… playing with farm animals, drums, dancing, enjoying great food, listening to great music, and so many things I didn’t even realize they did at Renaissance Faires.  It seems like we haven’t had as many chances as usual this past summer to be together and I hope that’s changing.  Starting now.  The Cafe is calling.



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