Incredibly loved

Dear Father,

It feels great to be writing to You in this way again.  I jotted short notes while I had the cast but it wasn’t the same.

I don’t know where to begin.  I promised to meet some of the girls for some coffee since I’m leaving tomorrow so I don’t even have much time.  But I did come up with two words to sum up what I’ve felt since Thanksgiving: incredibly loved.  Not only by You but by my friends and even by people I didn’t know two months ago.  I’ve gone from feeling cast out to feeling so much love that sometimes I find myself smiling for no apparent reason.

I can remember oh… You know how many years… when I considered myself a loner.  I had You, I had my assignments, and I was happy.  When I met up with friends, I rejoiced in that.  But then it was back to working on my own.  Then You had me work with Tess and Monica and then Gloria.  I know sometimes we had disagreements and hurt feelings but I was even happier.  Then that ended.  I never really gave much thought to how I was growing closer to the Dyelanders at the very time I felt greater and greater distance from Monica and Tess.  Now I believe with all my heart that You planned that.  You knew better than I did that I was never meant to be a loner.  These past two months have proved it.  I won’t ever take my friends for granted.  Thank You.



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