Notes-February through Easter

Dear Father,

Because I haven’t always been able to get on a computer, I’ve been keeping notes.  Here they are:

Remainder of February- After Valentine’s Day I had my assignment in Alaska and that was great.  It made Dyeland seem even warmer when I returned!  I spent most of the week of the 21st meeting with my friends there and talking with them about what I decided.  Thank You for giving me that time with them.  I didn’t want anyone else to find out by accident and I know You didn’t want them hurt like that, either.

March-That was an interesting month…  And not just because I worked the check out lane at a Target and people say some very interesting things to cashiers.  On the 16th Laja’s grandmother gave me her “dowry.”  I know she was joking but Laja was pretty livid.  I’m glad we were able to talk after that, make a couple good things come out of it, and then the party distracted her, I think.  And she wrote me a top ten.  That’s always fun.  Please help her to be at peace even when family pressure become strong.

We celebrated my 10th anniversary in Dyeland on St. Patrick’s Day.  Lots of decoration, lots of food, singing, dancing, boating, star gazing, and the best part: lots of friends.  It was great!  That You’ve given me these ten years with them is something I’m very, very grateful for, Father.  Sometimes I still wonder what Your plan is with Dyeland and me but whatever it is… thank You.

And from boating and dancing I jumped to sky diving.  0:-)  That was a really fun assignment.  I hope Tony and Samantha remember that adventure is good but not to be too reckless with the precious lives You’ve given them especially now that they’ll be parents.  They’re gonna have one brave kid, I imagine!

Shortly after I got back from that, Laja confided in me how upset and confused she was by the scandals in the Catholic Church.  I hope what I told her was what You wanted her to hear.  I’m so used to Your voice guiding me when I’m on assignments.  I hope what I tell my friends is just as true as Your words.  I know You’re with everyone who is hurting.  Please help them to know that.

The 25th brought about a much happier occasion!  Rose’s birthday!  I had a great time hiding the clues for the scavenger hunt that led to her gift.  I hope she enjoyed it, I think she did.  She deserved a wonderful birthday and I hope she got it.

On the 26th, after her classes ended for the day, Laja and I drove to Missouri and stayed with Raquel for the weekend.  It was difficult in some ways.  We were both reminded of Dawn very often.  But I was thankful to be there and to be able to help Raquel with her garden.  I hope her loneliness decreases soon.  I know nothing will ever fill the hole left by Dawn’s death but I hated leaving her alone.  I know she’s not really alone.  You’re there, as always.  But someone to hug, someone to share a meal with… I want that for her.

Shortly after our return to Dyeland, I hosted a Seder for Passover.  I wished we’d thought to do that previous years.  The Tunnel children were all very interested.  Most of them aren’t Jewish so had never attended one.  I think it’s great that they’re so eager to learn about others’ cultures and religions.

Easter was a lot of fun.  And no robot bunny surprises this year!  It was a beautiful day and perfect for an egg hunt.  The kids loved being out in the sun.

I better get ready for star-gazing later.  I’ll get to April soon.  I wish I kept up with this better but I kind of like looking back over a month or two and remembering all the miracles You’ve let me see, all the people I’ve been blessed to know, and all the love You’ve given us.



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