Attack of the Killer Frog People from Planet Z

Dear Father,

The subject line says it all!

As You know since You sent me, one of my first assignments of April was as a Media Studies professor.  That was a learning experience and not just for the kids in the class.  TV has really changed, hasn’t it?  Or maybe I only think so because I never cared to watch much.  I wonder how much violence people would write if they actually knew and had to see what actual violence can do?  And I wonder if the students I was sent to help would feel less hopeless if they saw more inspiring, uplifting stories?   I hope I gave them the hope You wanted them to have. Maybe one day they’ll be the ones creating those hopeful stories.

Before I led the class, I had a great time getting prepared with my friends… even if it did mean Laja seeing me as a Killer Frog Person.  I remember how I complained when I got that assignment!  But I ended up having a great time with Harry and I even had a great time watching the film with Laja.  And listening to music with Rose and Yva and talking about movies with them, books, etc.   Looking back at my younger self in the movie, I found myself feeling sorry for him but also very grateful for the amazing friends I knew were in his future.  Then I was awed thinking that as I was acting in that, You already knew that one day I’d be sitting on a couch with Laja, watching her laugh with delight.  Thank You, Father.

I’m also very grateful for the last couple of days in Dyeland and NY.  It was great to see Crystal and everyone at the Phoenix.  And I missed the children Below so thanks for giving me that time with them.  

I need to grade some Spanish papers but we both know there’s more to it than that.  Please help me to get through to Kyle before it’s too late.  And please give me the words to help his bullies know how hurtful they are not just to him but also themselves.



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