Starting over

Hey there, everyone,

Years ago Laja set this up for me because she thought I needed a place to share my thoughts.  I suspect she just wanted a place to read them.  0;-)  I had a great time with it but after a while stopped using it.  Then I started using it again but only for writing to the Father when I needed to.  Now I’ve decided to do both.  So occasionally you might see something here.

I have a few minutes before I go meet my assignment so it seemed like a good time to start this.  I guess I’ll just start writing about what’s been happening.

That last week in May I was away from Dyeland working an assignment as an IT security specialist.  The Father sent me to help someone get through a trying time and I know hearing about His love really helped her.  The assignment shook me up a little but between praying and spending a couple days in Dyeland, I’m feeling much better about everything.

And, you know, I’m pretty proud of myself for succeeding in banishing viruses, adware, and spyware off several computers.  0;-)  All those years of de-spamming the main Dyeland email account really paid off!

I missed everyone in Dyeland and the Sibling Cities.  But it was great to be back and check in at the Cafe, the Phoenix, and Below.  Sometimes I can’t believe how large our once small circle has grown!  It’s… wow.  Just really great.

JABB 300 happened.  It was a good excuse to look back on all we’ve experienced together. I had a great time reading Laja’s and Vincent’s and Mick’s and Willy’s and Nigel’s and Yva’s memories.

Memorial Day was really special to me this year and I’m thankful to all of you for that.  Not only did it mean I got to come back to Dyeland after being away (for which I thank the Father) but our picnics are always a lot of fun.  Cooking out, hiking, joking, hearing the little ones play so happily and carefree, reliving good memories together: it doesn’t get much better than that!  And it meant a lot to go with Mick to pay our respects to the men and women who served their country.  Sometimes the time we spent with them doesn’t seem so long ago.

Next week Laja and I are headed to Wisconsin and Missouri with some of the kids.  I’m really looking forward to that.  I haven’t been camping in a while.  Or fishing.  Hey, if any of you are reading this and want to come along, we still have room.  Just let one of us know.  Owen’s driving a second van.

Also, we’re planning for a movie night Tuesday night.  Laja has a film she thinks you all need to see.  I say you should never see it but I’m deferring to the lady.  0;-)

Now I need to head to the call center.  Take care, everyone!

Your friend,


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