Buttons the Clown

Dear Father,

Once again I’ve managed to get very behind on this.  But I can’t complain.  You’ve kept me busy.  And happily busy.

I want to write about the cruise and all that followed.  I feel very, very blessed and I think one day I might want to look back on my thoughts from soon after.  However, I had some great assignments before that and I don’t want to skip over them.  We also had some big events in Dyeland and I don’t feel right skipping past them, either.

June 30th was Vincent’s and Catherine’s 3rd wedding anniversary.  There was a party Below.  It’s been wonderful watching their love for each other grow and I’m glad we had a reason to celebrate it.  It was a lot of fun because this was the first time Jacob was really old enough to enjoy the party and even understand the meaning behind it a little.

Then we celebrated July 4th with fireworks and a cook-out.  The kids were thrilled.

In mid-July I had that assignment with Brigid in Dublin.  What a great lady!  I’ll have to show off some of the step-dancing I learned from her when Monica stops by again.   I hope Colleen’s doing alright without her aunt to guide her.  I mean I know Brigid’s still watching over her.  So are You.  Thank You.  It’s always easier to leave someone behind when I know You never do.

Let’s see… on the 20th of July we had a low key party to celebrate JABB’s anniversary.  Or was that the 19th?  It was fun.  Although it’s a little weird to celebrate the anniversary of your friends writing jokes and poems about you.

July 24th was Laja’s 28th.  Vincent had a great idea this year.  Since they could never do much outside when she was little, he organized a party around all those activities.  So there were a bunch of us adults playing Hide-and-G0-Seek, throwing water balloons, and climbing trees right along with the kids.  I even tried hopscotch again.  I’m pretty hopeless.  I guess You left the hopscotch ability out when You created me.  0:-)  I’m glad Laja liked the Celtic cross.  I wanted to get her something meaningful and that would always remind her of You.  And, you know, it’s fun to be sneaky sometimes.  I was the one that had to talk her into breakfast away from Dyeland that morning so she wouldn’t suspect.

And then it happened…  I showed up in an apartment I’d never seen before and found myself staring at a clown suit, neon green wig, and very large shoes.  And Buttons the Clown was born (named so in Rose’s and LJA’s honor).  I’ll admit I was a little flustered when I found out what You had in store.  But I really loved being a clown!  It was great to make all those kids so happy… and my friends once Mick let the word out.  I’ll have to remember I have no guarantee of privacy when I’m working a case only a few miles from our PI friend.

I’m very happy that Timothy is getting the help and love he needs and deserves.  That poor little boy was shouldering way too many burdens.  Father, sometimes I find myself feeling something like envy.  I know it’s wrong but I still feel it.  It’s such an incredible, amazing thing to have a little life entrusted to you.  And to see people not appreciate that gift…  I know I’ll never be a father.  I do.  And I would never not want to be an angel.  But I can’t imagine ever not appreciating that gift if I could have it.  But at least, sometimes, you let me be a clown.  Or a teacher.  Or a pediatrician.  Or You let me spend time in the Tunnels or at the Phoenix.  Thank You.

And then came the cruise.  I’ll get to that eventually but right now I have an assignment to meet.



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