The cruise

Dear Father,

I know I have to meet my assignment in… 13 minutes.  But I didn’t want to keep putting this off.  I tried to share with You how grateful I was for so much during the cruise.  But in case I forgot anything, I wanted to do this.  I think the girls’ penchant for lists is rubbing off.

Thank You for:

-the talk with Yva and Rose and CJ and Lady Beth and Laja.  I feel like a great weight has been lifted from me.  And I know they felt better after it, too.

-dreadlocks.  0:-)

-flying fish

-true love shared by two truly great people.

-red velvet cake

-eye liner… especially when used to pull a prank on Tess

-a chance to dance with all my friends

-Adam’s creativity and friendship


-the sea turtle

-free ice cream

-knowing that those who die are never really gone

-knowing Tess is happy for us and with us

-the chance to help Erica


-getting another chance to be friends with Monica

-knowing Raquel will be happy and never lonely

-good friends who will come to me when they need to talk and will be there for me when I need to

-the sea

-the sky

-the beach

-Your love



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