Where do the children play?

Lately I’ve been working at a childcare facility. My assignment worked here with me and passed away last night. I stayed behind to help counsel the kids over the loss. I decided it would be a nice break for them to go for a walk. So we all went to the local park.

It was not one of my better ideas. When we got there I realized that over the night someone or some people had “tagged” a lot of the equipment. So then I got to explain what “Poke Smot!” meant to little kids. And that was the most benign message.

It just made me sad. At what point does a playground stop being a place to have fun and start being a target for defacement? I felt bad for the kids in my care but also the people who did that and were once children. What happened to those children?

Well, my break is nearly over. I need to get back to the kids. I get to read “Stellaluna.” 🙂

One last thing, thanks for the edits LJA. I like this much better now.

Your friend,


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3 Responses to Where do the children play?

  1. Aww, hugs. Sorry that happened. I’ve wondered myself about that sorta thing when I’ve seen grafitti. The kids are lucky to have you there for them. Hope you enjoyed “Stellaluna”! I love that book.

    Gotta say, you have me stumped on the “poke smot” thing.


  2. andrew says:

    Revert the first sounds on “poke smot.” It’s a pro-drug message.

    And yes “Stellaluna” is a wonderful book! I really enjoyed reading it to the kids.

    Your friend,

  3. Lady Beth says:

    Never heard of ‘Stellaluna’. Obviously it’s worth reading.

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