Greetings from Yellowstone

I’m currently on assignment in Yellowstone National Park. It’s really amazing here. I’ve not been here for a few decades.

My assignment is a park ranger so I’ve been spending a lot of time with him and his fellow rangers. Great bunch of people.

I’m thinking of growing a beard. What do you ladies think?

And Lady Beth: If my blog does prevent a recurrence of something that happened a couple months ago I will be one happy angel. 0:-)

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2 Responses to Greetings from Yellowstone

  1. “I’m thinking of growing a beard. What do you ladies think?”

    When you say beard, what do you mean? Like a full beard or some lil goatee that’s just gonna make it look like you have bad hand-eye coordination while shaving and missed a spot?

    Course, ya do know no matter what you do we’ll all ooh and aah and fuss over you anyway, right? ::giggle::

    With love,

  2. Lady Beth says:

    Well I won’t be able to decide until I actually see you with a beard. Mind you, it should be kept trim and nice looking unless you are on assignment and need it scruffy looking. lol

    Oohh I’m sure you would be a happy angel should the blog prevent a reoccurance of what happened a couple of months ago.

    Lady Beth

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