Home for Christmas

Wow.  It’s been quite a few days since I got back to Dyeland.  I don’t think I’ve had more than a few minutes at a time to myself.  I haven’t minded it.  I missed everyone so much.  But I think now I’ve more than made up for the days I was away!  Since I missed caroling we had some karaoke at the Cafe last night.  It was awfully funny.  I don’t think I’ll soon forget our group rendition of “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for an assignment again.  I think everyone feels a lot better about my going to Missouri, though, than they did Iraq.  I’m going to be a staff psychologist at a hospice.  I’m not sure of much more than that but the Father says I’ll be there for a few weeks.  I’m not too worried about leaving here, though, because He also said I’d be able to stop in often during those weeks.  I’m thankful to Him for giving me the time in Dyeland He does.  I used to only be concerned about the impact it had on the people there when I’d disappear for weeks at time.  But now I realize it impacts me, too.  Sometimes I can’t believe how much like Home it seems.

I’m going to see if anyone else is up for another round of ice skating.

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