And we’re back…


Wow.  I totally didn’t realize that my last posting here was a year ago to the day.  That seems appropriate.

Here’s the thing: I’m still having a hard time thinking of getting back to this.  I decided that what made writing Andrew in first person so difficult was that I would imagine John as Andrew saying those words… how his voice would sound, what facial expressions he would have, when he would run his hand through his hair, when he would tilt his head, when his eye brow would raise…  And it was hard to imagine him in such detail and think I won’t see or hear any of that again until I’ve gone Home, too.  Unfortunately, this hasn’t changed.  First person Andrew still seems daunting.  But I miss writing about his assignments and how he cared for them.  So… until I’m able to get back to first person Andrew, I’m going to start doing entries as Andrew’s protege, Violeta, and maybe even LJA.  They’ll write about Andrew but in their own words with their own mannerisms and then, hopefully, I can cope with that.

And for my first outing as Violeta… I have pumpkin pie and milk to help.

God bless,


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