Dear Father,

You’d think I’d be more comfortable with this coming from Records.  It seems odd, though, to be typing my thoughts to You into this computer but Andrew said it might help.  He said he does it sometimes and then it helps him to look back, to see how upset he was and yet how he overcame that, how the Father helped him to.  He’s right about so much…

I want to thank You for choosing Andrew as my supervisor.  You know I was a little put off at first.  I just couldn’t understand what he was doing with all those girls hanging around him.  Now I understand.  They love him and he loves them.  They’re Your gift to each other and You’ve given me a little of that gift, too.  I do feel blessed.

That’s not to say I’m not confused or annoyed sometimes.  I’m sorry for that but I am, Father.  Yesterday Andrew and I were in the poorest village I’ve ever set foot in.  A woman had died during childbirth because of a lack of the most basic medical care.  Her eldest daughter came into the school where Andrew and I were working, carrying the baby and hoping to enroll her younger sister.  You know how Andrew is.  He did more than get the little girl settled into the school.  He talked to the older girl, listened to her as she mourned for her mother, and then he offered to let her sit in on classes, bringing the baby with her.  Seeing the change that came over the girl… the wonder and the hope…  Father, I’ll never forget it.

Then today we were back in Dyeland and Andrew came across JenniAnn, halfway to hysterical, because her cousin and been pestering her.  He hugged her and listened to her and got her laughing.  After JenniAnn had gone to class and it was just the two of us, I asked Andrew how he could be so patient with her middling worries when only hours before he’d been counseling a girl with the weight of her whole family on her shoulders.  He smiled gently and said “Pain is pain, Violeta.  True, Adelina’s situation is much more dire.  But both she and JenniAnn were hurting and God gave me the chance to ease their pain.  So I did.  I hope I always can do that for people.  All the love He pours on us… doesn’t it feel good to show it to others?”

As they say down here… I want to be like him when I grow up.



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