It’s all a very fun blur

Dear Father,

I am a terrible blogger.  0;-)

October is nearly over and I never did write about September.  I do know I had a great birthday party and then got to celebrate with Adam not too long after that.  Who can complain about two big parties in as many months?

Everything’s been really great with my assignments.  I’ve met some wonderful people so thank You for that.  I’ve also stayed in touch with some wonderful people.  It sounds like I’ll be doing more of that this weekend with the Renaissance Faire and then our Halloween party here in Dyeland.  It’ll be great to spend time with some of the Tunnel kids as well as my friends here.

We’ve made amazing progress at Catherine’s shelter.  She’s named it the Phoenix Inn.  We all love the name although I think we’ll miss all the time we’ve shared putting it together.  But I know we’ll have time to help her once she starts welcoming guests.  That’s only a week or two away, I hear.

This blog isn’t turning out like I thought it would but I’m very glad I can talk to You all the time, in all ways, Father.



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August in review part two

Dear Father,

It was Mick checking to see if I could make time for some pool this week.  He seemed stressed.  I hope he and Beth are doing OK.

I know I spent some time during the last month helping at Catherine’s shelter.  She’s so proud of it, Father, and with good reason!  I keep imagining how many people will be helped.  Of course, it’s also brought everyone closer together, too.  Vincent seems more at peace than he has been since June.

That third week I spent some time helping at the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  It was draining and heartbreaking.  It’s no wonder You ensure none of us work those shifts for too long.  But my shifts always give me so much respect for the amazing people who work there.

I know I had lunch with Tess at some point.  As always, it was great catching up with her.  I’m so grateful for Dyeland but I do miss the time I used to spend going from place to place with Monica and Tess.

The guys and I found time to play at some point.  Got to love getting together with the band!

Things with Amy really began to deteriorate then.  Everything hit rock bottom on the 28th.  Laja and I ended up discussing her own battle with anorexia.  It was hard but I think it’s right we finally got it out in the open.  I think it helped her to reach out to Amy.  I know it helped me to see the determination in both their eyes.  I know You’re always with them but please help them to know that.  It’s what I want most for all my friends.

I’m also praying that Yva’s allergies let up.  Maybe with the change of weather?  I know we all feel helpless at this point.

Adam’s been having trouble sleeping although he seemed alright at the party today.  I’m concerned about him.  What can I do, Father?

Lady Beth, Henry, and Rose seem to be doing well.  Aunt Josephine also.  Nigel and Willy have been keeping busy. And today… today was great.  Having everyone together at Adam’s was a real blessing.  So Thank You for Labor Day.  Or maybe it’s better simply to say: thank You for all these days You give us.



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August in review part one

Dear Father,

Yet again I seem to have let over a month go by without writing here.  I wish I was better at finding the time because I find myself going back over these and thinking of all the blessings You’ve given me.

This month was full of them.

I mentioned July 31st/August 1st before.  That was great!  OK, so maybe it was a little worrisome at first.  Creeped Laja and Rose out for a minute.  Then I thought maybe they’d lost their minds!  And all because I apparently have more names than a phone book.  It was a great night and then working with everyone to repair the storm damage on the 1st made for a wonderful day.

A week later Laja confided in me about Amy.  I couldn’t have guessed the road that would have ended up taking us down.

That was also when I was assigned to Rebecca, the choir leader is Bismark.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget her face when she heard our choir and joined in!

I’m still thinking about Benton.  I wish I could be sure I got through to him, Father.  You and I both know he’s headed down a bad path with his drug use but… I didn’t know what else I could say.

Thank You for the encouraging, love-filled assignments You gave me after that.  I needed them.  Maybe even more than they needed me.

Let’s see…  I think it was the 14th a bunch of us saw Eli as Lumiere in “Beauty and the Beast.”  I had no idea my fellow AOD was that talented!  Between that and the road trip there and back, it was definitely a highlight of the month.  Thank You for giving him an assignment that made him so happy.  I was concerned about him for a while after Sophia died.

I hear someone at the door.  I guess the middle of the month is a good place to pause.



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July in review

Dear Father,

It’s been a month since I wrote.  It’s a good thing I’m better at praying than writing!

You’ve sent me on quite a run of assignments!

There was Trina in Delaware.  I hope everything’s going OK for her.  I was concerned about all the stress she was under as the apartment super on top of her unresolved grief for her husband.  I hope I always remember the look on her face when You had me tell her that You felt every tear she cried and that she was never alone and that You love her.   Sometimes I think more than anything humans just want to know that someone feels for them.  Maybe humans aren’t the only ones.

Then on the 12th of July it was back to Dyeland and chasing fireflies.  0:-)  I don’t think I really thank You enough for those breaks.  You know, nothing restores one’s faith in and love for humanity like seeing them running around in the dark, shrieking and laughing, like the children we all really are.  It’s like I wrote Laja, all the memories of hatred and abuse fade for a while when I’m there with them.

Let’s see…  Then I left again on the 20th.  That was Harold in Missouri (stopped by to see Raquel, thanks for that opportunity),  Ayesha in Afghanistan, Simone in London, and three days as a cardiologist in Vermont.  I hope Dr. Carlen remembers that sometimes your first patient needs to be yourself.

July 24th- The Day I Accidentally Made Laja Think She Killed My Hair

Please don’t give me an assignment as a hair stylist.  You obviously didn’t give me that gift.  0;-)

I think I left on the 26th.  Or was it the 27th?  Either way, I hope I accomplished what you wanted me to with Dale.  I have a whole new respect for golf caddies.  They sure have to put up with a lot sometimes…

Back to Dyeland on the 31st.  August 1st was fun.  Weird but fun.  I’ll get to that soon.

Right now I think I’m going to take a walk on the beach and admire Your work.



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Carpe diem

Dear Father,

So much has changed since I wrote to You last time.  I know now why I was still assigned to Cora.  I’m glad she’s Home.  I’m glad she’s with Lor.  And with You.  But I’m sorry for Vincent.  It’s as if he found and lost both of his parents in the course of two weeks.  But he said something today that I found touching.  He said his family makes the most of what time they have together because often it is so brief.  Knowing what I do of their lives, I know that’s true. I know that he and his mother did a lifetime of living in their precious weeks.  Thank You for giving that to them.

I also want to thank You for all the joy we’ve had.  I’m grateful that Catherine and Vincent were still able to celebrate their anniversary.  Then there was Canada Day which was great.  Lady Beth and Henry did an amazing job.  Then Independence Day.  How can anybody be unhappy with good food, good friends, safe and beautiful fireworks, and an abundance of tie-dyed T-shirts.  It’s just not possible!

All this has reminded me of how much I don’t know.  I don’t know how long we’ll all be together in Dyeland and the Sibling Cities.  But I do know that I’m going to make the most out of those things: the parties, the messages flying back and forth among us, the hugs, the purple-tinged tear stains on my shirt, the teasing about my age, the notes tucked into my things when I go away, the stray Gobstopper rolling around the back seat of the van, the goofy nicknames, and every moment of our lives here.   And I’ll never forget You made them all possible.  Thank you.



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Dear Father,

I’m not even sure where to begin.  This week has been a rollercoaster emotionally.  I’m amazed at Your work this time.  It’s not that I’m not always amazed but this time… wow.  To think that ever since this month began I’ve been working with Vincent’s mother!

Monday seems so long ago.  I spent the morning worrying that Laja had a one-way pass into my mind.  Then I spent the whole day wondering if she was seeing things in Cora just because she desperately wanted to.  Then came Tuesday when Rose, Yva, Laja, and I found out who Cora was.  Then seeing her reunion with Vincent.  It’s just… amazing.  I sound like a broken record but… wow.

Now our friend’s finally getting many of the answers he’s wanted for so long.  I’m happy for him.  Elated for Cora.  It’s been a wonderful experience for everyone.

But now I’m left with my own question: why am I still assigned to Cora?  Vincent needs her, Father.  Please help them make the most of whatever time they have.  And use me to do Your will, whatever it is.



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Dear Father,

Thank You for giving me this assignment.  I appreciate that I’ll have some time in Dyeland.  Being close to the Tunnels, even if I’m not going there, makes everyone seem so much closer.  And I really enjoy spending time with my assignment.

Today wasn’t a very good day for Cora.  For a while I thought she might need to be readmitted with pneumonia but now she’s feeling better.  Even when I know she doesn’t feel well, she never snaps or sulks.  It’s amazing.  There’s something about her, though, that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Every so often she’ll be talking and then it seems like she goes somewhere else.  Please help me to help her.



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Dear Father,

Sometimes it seems like the times I most need to write to You happen when I can’t find much time to.  Thank You for giving me this time right now.  And thank You for this afternoon with some of my friends.  It may not have turned out like we planned (at least I don’t *think* any of us planned to be interrupted by scam artists on the phone) but altogether I’d say we had a pretty great time.  I think it’ll do me a lot of good to spend a couple days in Dyeland.

As You know, I spent the week before last working an assignment with Eli at an assisted living home.  Thank You for letting us work together.  I felt like I was there not only for our assignments but for him, too.  I know there were many times he thought about Sophia.  So often I wanted him to go Home.  To see You and her.  But I understand why he didn’t.  We see people struggle with so much and they don’t get to go Home whenever they want.  So sometimes it doesn’t seem right to come Home during an assignment, even during our downtime.  It’s times like that I’m especially grateful to have Dyeland to go to.  There I feel part of the human world yet still surrounded by healing love.  And I know it’s the times like that when Eli went to visit Sophia but this time she was gone.

The worst was when we worked with the Alzheimer’s patients.  I could tell how much it made Eli remember those last few years.  I told him how much I admired him and the strength he showed.

And the whole time I kept wondering when I would have to find that strength myself.

But I know I have right now with them.  I’ll enjoy every minute and thank You for each and every day You  give us.



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144 years

Dear Father,

In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s been 144 years since the day Sam found me in the woods and told me the news.

There have been difficult times but there have been so many more wonderful, inspiring times when I’ve seen the joy Your love brings to people and felt it myself.

Thank you for every moment.  Good and bad, they’ve brought me closer to You.

Now I need to get ready for the cook-out.  Thank you for that, too.  0:-)



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Going home

Dear Father,

You know I’m not happy about what happened.  And I know You aren’t, either.  But I know, if they’ll let You, You’ll work great things into the lives of the H—– family even after this tragedy.

I don’t know what Robert was thinking.  I just keep remembering the look of… of disbelief and betrayal and fear on Melody’s face when he pointed that gun at her.  I wanted Robert to learn to control his anger, to make amends, and find peace.  I wanted him to really hear me when I told him how much You love him and his family.  But I’m glad that police officer was there and kept Robert from killing his wife.   I wish it could have ended without violence but I’m thankful she was spared and that Jason and Cera have their mother.  And You.

Since Francesca’s back from her vacation, my work here at the shelter is done.  Thanks for letting me head to Dyeland.  I think some time there will do me good.  It’ll be hard coming back here for the funeral but I know having some time with my friends before will help.

It’s hard to leave when everyone’s still grieving.  But I know You’re with them forever.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of their lives for these few weeks.



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